Using A Realtor To Buy A New Home

Why should you use a Realtor to purchase a new construction home? Here in Phoenix, we have seen a flurry of new home construction in the past year. With that, you have as a buyer, many choices in finding a builder and location. Here are reasons why using a Realtor is beneficial to you.

    • As your Realtor, I represent you for free.  The new home builders pay for the Realtors fee; this cost is factored into the price of the home.
    • The new home builders represent the builder.  Their job is make sales and look out for the builders.
    • A Realtor is familiar with the community.  We are  familiar with the given market surrounding the new homes; we are buying and listing homes in that area.  With the knowledge, we can help you decide on your floor plan, lot, and upgrades to your home.
    • A Realtor can help negotiate with the builder.  Communities with spec homes, or quick inventory homes, can be negotiated with the builder.
    • Realtor’s will assist you with the home’s resale potential.  We will help you buy a home that will have strong resale down the road.  Advice on lots, lot exposure, floor plans, upgrades, and price point are some examples.
    • We can explain all of your options when comparing builders.  Master Planned communities will have a multitude of builders.  We can sift through all the options and help compare what is the best value.  Some builders have a higher upfront price, but include more options and upgrades than the builder next to them.  Others builders give you options to purchase solar panels, have better energy efficient homes, or may include items such as front yard landscaping.  Builders lot premiums vary from location to location.
    • We will be there for you throughout the process.  From helping you understand the contract, to doing the frame walk through, all the way to the final walkthrough, we are available to help make the new home process seamless.
    • Realtor’s can watch over your home during the home construction process. This is especially true for buyers relocating from another state.  We will be happy to watch over the home, give you updates, send pictures of the home’s progress, make sure the home is on time to be completed.  I had a recent client, relocating from Chicago.  Before the frame walk through, I had walked the home and caught some mistakes, options that the buyer had paid for, that the builder had missed.  This would have cost the builder not only money to go back and fix, but would have put us behind in our time to close.

With so many choices and decisions to make when purchasing a new home, it only makes sense to have a Realtor help you through the process.

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